Almiun, an adding-manufacturing company of e-sport equipment with a unique creative spirit

Our dream is to unlock new sim racing designs and possibilities thanks to our manufacture technology.

We want to simulate as close as possible the feeling that you can have in a real cockpit.

From motorbike racing to simulation racing

Motor racing always has been our passion and we participated in many races, including “24 Horas Montmeló, Comarcales y regionales”

This passion has a cost and it gave us the opportunity to broaden our horizon and simulation racing just come up as natural 

The goal of ALMIUN, formerly known as SIMBUYRACING is to develop products for any sim racer, from the beginners to the competitors. ALMIUN is merging with AROSPACE. The fusion of the 2 will help to develop new innovative products.

Focusing on many different 3D technologies

Most of our designs are impossible to be produced with traditional method that is why we have chosen the best 3D technology on the market. The resulting advantages include the manufacturing of complex, lightweight designs.